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Get to Know Your Roof

How Much Do You Know About Your Roof?

Every roof is slightly different, rarely do you have exactly the same roof as anyone else. However, they all of the same core components. Check out the video or keep reading to learn more about your roof makeup!

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Four Main Components of a Roof

1. Roof Decking

Roof decking is the base of your roof. This base can last for a very long time if properly installed, but it can begin to degrade over the years. We make sure your decking is up to code and safe for you to live under and for us to do work on top!

2. Underlayment

The underlayment is the intermediate part of your roof, which protects the other layers from damage. There are two different types of underlayment: ice and water barrier and felt.

The ice and water barrier prevents any moisture from backing up and affecting the wood and the shingles.

The latest technology for your felt underlayment is synthetic felt, which is required for manufacturer warranties.

3. The Roof

Your roof can be made out of many materials, from metal to asphalt shingles. This is the first line of defense against damage and the part that is visible.

4. Ventilation

Ventilation is the most commonly overlooked part of your roof, but it is very important! Proper ventilation helps lower your energy bill and allows your shingles to last longer.

Three popular types of ventilation:

  • Power vents
  • Box vents
  • Ridge vents (most popular)

Learn More About Your Roof

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